Why does the HSA conduct fundraising activities?

Our HSA is an independent non-profit organization with a mission to enhance and support the educational programs and environment at Paradise Valley. To provide the support to our school and children, to make certain programs are possible, and to bridge the gap between public funds and actual expenses, we need to raise money. In order to raise funds, the HSA conducts a variety of fundraisers.


Where does my money go?

Paradise Valley HSA funds over $30,000 in programs, equipment, classroom supplies, and services each year that benefit our students. Programs like the Art Cart, Computer Lab, Funvisors, and many others would not exist without HSA fundraising.



What fundraisers can I expect this year?

To see the list of fundraisers planned for this year, visit the list of Programs, and find the categories for Active Fundraisers and Passive Fundraisers. Active fundraisers are those which we plan and coordinate ourselves, and from which 100% of the funds go directly to the HSA. Passive fundraisers are those in which we've partnered with another organization, and typically these fundraisers involve very little ongoing effort from us. At the same time, we collect only a fraction of the funds spent, the remainder going to the partner organization.