Hi Art Cart Volunteers!


Here are the files for the first artist that we will all study, Van Gogh: 

Kinder Level

Beginner Level (Grades 1-2)  

Intermediate Level (Grades 3-4)

Advanced Level (Grade 5)


And a few Very Important Links: 

1. Calendar to reserve the Art room! 

2. Program Guide for Meet the Masters

3. Parent Roster with contact info

Next Project Training Date -  Claude Monet!  Tuesday October 8th @ 7:45am


As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!
Melanie Allred-  melmcf@gmail.com
Carol Edmiston Bergot -  carolann0201@msn.com 
Jodi Hall-  mtndiva@gmail.com
Megan Telfer-  mb.bair@gmail.com